Types of Online Marketing

Types Of Internet Marketing To Pursue

Internet marketing is the art of promoting something online. However, this is a generic means of discussing the topic and defining it. There is a lot more to Internet marketing than simple promotional work online. There are intricacies at play which should not be ignored.

This begins with the variations in how Internet marketing can be pursued.

You could put two Internet marketers together, and they might have different perspectives on what works and what doesn't. This is the charm of Internet marketing, and why finding the right "type" is critical for your business.

Let's take a look at these types.

1) Pay Per Click

The first type would be PPC or pay per click. It works based on paying a set rate and seeing how many people will come through. You are only paying for what you are using in essence. Other methods require an upfront payment, but that is not the case with this type.

You are looking at setting up an ad and then each time a person clicks, your expense goes up.

This makes it easier to see leads come in before you pay anything out of your pocket.

2) Search Engine Optimization

This is the big one and has been around since Google started to dominate. It is one of the tried and tested options at this point in time. The idea is to rank your site for primary keywords that people want to search for. They will type in the keyword, and your site pops up.

There is a marketing angle to this because those who are higher get the rewards and leads.

The others have to make do with what is left because many users won't scroll down or even go to the second page of results.

SEO is a powerful type of Internet marketing especially when you start paying for spots in the results.

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3) Social Media

FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are the big dogs in this world. Social media is the new frontier for Internet marketing and one that is blossoming. Numerous businesses are dominating on these platforms and are tapping into the millions of people who are online.

Those who can convert well to this type might never go to another option because the amount of traffic is endless.

It does take an investment to see what kind of conversions will come through, but in general, the response is good as long as the right people are targeted.

4) Email Marketing

This is a great option for those who are building lists. If you have readers who are already subscribed to what you are sending them, why not advertise through this avenue? You don't want to spam, but it is a useful type that is used by thousands of businesses.

The goal is to send offers through emails and market in this manner.

It works for a lot of businesses because they have readers who are repeat customers. It is an easier sell to them, and the conversion rate is high.

5) Paid Ads Through Various Platforms

These are ads you are going to pay for. Imagine there is a fitness site being setup, and it is doing well (millions of readers per day) and you are selling a fitness product. Doesn't it make sense to put your product in front of avid enthusiasts such as this who are already interested in the niche?

Well, you can buy ad space on the site as many marketers do.

There is an art to this, so you get a return on your investment. It can be the riskiest option as well with the upfront cost.

These are the types of Internet marketing that are out there for businesses to use. Now, it is important to remember, most businesses are not going to restrict themselves to one option. This would be pointless and would not help spread the word.

Therefore, they look to multitask and nail down a few of these methods and create a proper Internet marketing campaign that is going to work for their setup. It is essential to make this work because a business won't do well without it in this day and age.